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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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well, good morning. a very good friday morning to you. 4:30, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker in for laura this morning. first up, that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. temperatures mostly in the 50s to start and a full blanket of clouds overhead and, nonetheless, similar to what we experienced yesterday. we're going to climb out of the 50s into the 70s and a couple 80s out there and then we've got a gorgeous and i mean gorgeous three-day weekend shaping up for you. take you through the numbers coming up. right now check your drive and
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see if we are getting any light activity. we should be, it's 4:30 in the morning, mike. >> no major problems resulting from that yet. we're talking about other issues, though. let's look over at the roadways. as christina said, a little misting and a little drizzle. any reports of that, as well. so far the roadways moving smoothly aside from a crash in the east bay and start over on the peninsula side in san francisco. southbound 280 is completely closed right now and christie smith is out there bright and early or dark and early, i should say. why did they close down the entire side of the freeway this morning? >> good morning to you. this is all for seismic safety work. that closure didn't take long last night around 9:00 and now kind of an odd sight. the only traffic you're seeing is moving on northbound 280 and that seismic work can be completed over the weekend and this is actually going to be a very busy holiday weekend so this closure will likely have a
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very big impact as the southbound lanes are shut down on 280. drivers trying to head south in the city are being turned away, at least until tuesday morning. they got the road blocks up on the ramps at fourth and also sixth and brannen and now just out of commission. this is the giant start a six-day homestand and also carnaval happening in the city. people urged to use public transportation why this is going on the alternate ramps and options like the already crowded 101 really sound like a challenge to drivers. >> if you can't get on here, you're stuck. takes you another half hour, 45 minutes to get on somewhere else. >> now, southbound lanes are expected to be closed until about 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. then, also on the fourth of july and labor day, that's when the northbound lanes will be closed so work can continue on those lanes for the same reason. and, mike, in a wyou have ideas
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folks to get around this this holiday weekend. >> we talked about 101 an easy alternate. closure stretched in red and peninsula, pennsylvania, i should say, is a surface street that takes you basically from the full closure is all the way down past the on ramp there. depends the on ramp is the next one you can take getting back on to southbound 280. 101 as christie smith talked about is an alternate and getting there is not so easy. take six away from the ballpark and i mention the ballpark because the giants are playing tonight and tomorrow and basically all through the weekend games over at at&t and carnaval. always stuff going on in the city. over here on the east bay side, we'll look at no disruption to traffic aside from a crash eastbound 580 at 24 right there at 980. that is the connector partially blocked by a crash there. not a lot of slowing but flashing lights. the approaches to the bay bridge
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and getting into san francisco, well, they are okay. follow this and send it back to you guys. >> mike, thank you so much. we have posted extensive information on the 280 closure and how you can get around it. you can find that on our website, speaking of getting around of course it is going to be busy everywhere this holiday weekend. the unofficial start to summer and the busiest memorial day weekend of travel since 2005. the number of americans traveling on saturday and sunday could break a record. the company estimates 36 million people will travel 50 miles or more and 80% of that travel will be done by car. cal fire asking everyone to stay on their toes this weekend as they barbecue and camp and enjoy the outdoors. officials remind you need a permit before you light a camp fire. there may be local restrictions, as well. they also say you should clear a ten-foot perimeter around that fire pit and someone should be around that fire or grill at all times and pay attention when putting the fire out. make sure it's completely
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extinguished. breaking news out of syria this morning just days ahead of the country's presidential election, 21 people were killed by an election rally that took place overnight. investigators say that 11 of the 21 people killed were civilians at showing their support for president assad. that's when opposition activists fired at them. assad is expected to win a third seven-year term in the june 3rd election. homicide investigators trying to figure out who shot two people at the scene of a car crash in hayward. police were called to saklan road in hayward near interstate 880. there they found two wrecked cars, a 22-year-old had been shot and killed and another shooting victim was later found at a nearby hospital. police do believe he was shot in that same incident. his injuries not life threatening. police say as of now they don't know who is behind that
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shooting. a south bay woman accused of stabbing her baby to death will be back in court this morning. ashley newton was arrested last month. investigators say she drove her 7-month-old boy to a park in livermore, deliberately wrecked her car and then stabbed the child. when she was found officers say she also had stab wounds that were believed to have been self-inflicted. today her lawyer will give an update on her condition. the district attorney's office in santa rosa says it needs more time to investigate claims that a mother grabbed a 12-year-old boy by a neck. delia garcia-bretcher accused of grabbing a boy by the neck because of the claim she thought he was bullying her daughter. some children on the playground say they saw the attack and others say it didn't happen at all. there is confusion, as well, over whether she had the right boy. garcia-bratcher's lawyer said she confronted the boy and told him to leave her daughter alone.
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robbed a bank right in the middle of the day before 11:00 yesterday. employees say that three men rushed into the bank and ripped the money right out of the registers. after they took what they wanted, they took off. the men wore white paper breathing masks over their faces. across the bay police in livermore are warning women to leave their headphones at home when they go out from a run. a man grabbed a woman from behind and she told police she couldn't hear him because she was listening to music. officers say they are checking to see if it is the same man who attacked several other joggers in recent years. if your plans take you to ocean beach, there are some new rules. officials will enforce a new program restricting fires at san francisco's beach. a bonfire have to be out by 9:00 p.m. and completely prohibitted on spare the air days. the pilot program will last
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until labor day and then the national park service will determine to keep those new rules. taking a live look outside over the dark sky and san jose and stay up a little bit late tonight to try to catch a glinges of the first meteor shower called giraffe. more than 200 meteors per hour. no one knows for sure, though. the best time to try to catch that action will be from 11:00 tonight until about 1:00 tomorrow morning. let's check in with christina. any idea, christina, why it's called the giraffe? >> no. >> you hurt your neck looking up at it. >> i will investigate and i will. indeed, i will. but it is the first of its kind and there is a reason for that. we'll find out, bring that to you coming up. something to stay tuned for. i can tell you right now the weather is looking really good for today and all weekend long. thanks for joining us. thanks for waking up with us each and every day and especially on a friday, you made it to the end of the week. 50s to start the day and upper 70s to low 80s in the warm spots.
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that means we're going to see the low 6 os right at the immediate coast and 67 degrees for today. in san francisco, 82 meanwhile here in the south bay and 79 degrees along the peninsula. so, temperatures will be warm for today and even warmer as we get into this all-important weekend. we're going to show you that on sunday. hey, if you want to hit the beach, just fantastic conditions. we also have some swells coming in and we'll talk about that. for today, just a few clouds and may gray to start and mostly clear by lunchtime. your full forecast in moments. right now, let's say good morning to mike inouye. >> you're talking about the moisture in the air and a crash in the east bay and let's take you first to look at the example of what you're talking about. the low clouds and moisture all over the place. we're talking about the possibility of slicker roadways and not a major issue right now as traffic is pretty light and the flashing light in the center of your screen that's westbound and we have the crew as you head over towards the tower and eastbound also has maintenance overnight and blocking one lane, i think, still heading out of san francisco. now, over in the east bay we
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have eastbound 580 at 980 right there at the connector reports of that crash they're trying to clear one of the vehicles from the roadway and there will be a little slowing from the flashing lights. a van over on the shoulder there. be careful at the transition. meanwhile, the commute direction to the bay bridge moves smoothly over towards san francisco. what is not moving at all is southbound 280 from 6 all the way down towards pennsylvania, basically considered cesar chavez closed for that freeway. jump on there south of that point or use 101 where the arrow is and that is an easy alternate because the city is not quite so crowded and get over there without much of an issue. we're talking bout the slow down out of the altamont pass. the rail through the area, as well, the rest of the bay are moving nicely and no delays reported for transit, guys. send it back to you. >> all right, sounds good. still ahead on "today in the bay" a landmark up for sale this morning. no b.a.r.t., no problem. the late-night transportation plan hoping to bridge the gap
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between san francisco and oakland. this healthy baby boy is being called a miracle. his mother gave birth while in a coma. we hear from the baby's father, coming up. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage. feature reporting and public service and television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area. we investigate. here's a little secret, voice control is the future.
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and good morning to you. welcome back on this friday. taking a look at that beautiful picture here of the bay bridge at 4:44. already very active out there. might be some people getting away earl a efor the memorial day weekend. two life-long friends say they have come up with a plan to bridge the late night transportation gap from san francisco to oakland. called night school. they plan to rent school buss to take people back and forth from downtown oakland to san francisco's mission district. as of now, those are the only two stops. the buses would run overnight fraul midnight to 4:00 in the morning when b.a.r.t. is not running. >> a lot more young people living here and. >> the school buses that aren't normally being used at night we can offer this service, you know, really affordably while still, you know, be able to support ourselves. >> great idea there.
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the two say they hope to launch that service in a couple of weeks but still have a few kinks to work out with the public utility commission. to cost $13 for a one month unlimited pass. a popular south bay shopping center. it is home to businesses like trader joe's and marshall's, many restaurants. it has been around since the early '70s and part of a california supreme court case years ago. no word what will happen to the property once it's sold. palo alto hp says it's cutting more jobs. let's turn to seema mody at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> the cost cutting efforts roll on as hewlett-packard the company that struggled with pc prices brings the total of cuts under meg whitman to 50,000.
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the job cuts will be spread out among different countries and businesses. futures right now higher after stocks rose for the fourth time in five days on thursday. investigators weigh in on great economic reports showing sales of previously owned homes pick up while more people also filed for unemployment benefits in the past week. we look for data today on home sales and the dow rising ten points and nasdaq up 22. google is developing new seven inch tablet that captures three easy images. the company will start building 4,000 prototypes next month. the device has two back cameras and advance software that can capture precise 3d pictures. android phones and tablets designed to track a full 3d motion of the device as you hold it. scott? >> sounds pretty school. thank you very much. getting a look at that microclimate forecast and, of course, that holiday weekend is upon us. how is it looking, christina? >> looking good, looking good. for all three days if you and your family want to head
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outdoors, fantastic conditions for you. 55 degrees in the south bay and starting out at 55 degrees in san francisco. so, uniform temperatures an indication of that blanket of clouds overhead extends all the way into the east bay tri-valley reejen for today. 74 degrees in the east bay later on and we'll see burn off. by lunchtime for the entire bay area and we have a fantastic holiday weekend shaping up. so, as you know, memorial day is the unofficial kickoff of summertime and we're actually going to get a taste of summer-like weather as we head through sunday. look at the difference between saturday and sunday. much cooler at the coast. 69 degrees in san francisco on saturday and up to 72, though, on sunday. then we'll see the stretch of 70s in the city. that will extend all the way into memorial day and we'll cool you off a touch as we meet back here on tuesday. so, here's what we're working with for memorial day weekend. if you want to hit the city, just beautiful conditions, especially on the bay side. that's where you get the most sunshine. 71 on sunday and 71 on monday. let's look at your weekend get away forecast.
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travel across the state should be no problem for you. however, we could see some issues getting across the nation. if you are trying to catch a flight today, stick around. we'll take a close look at the problem spots as we head throughout the day. we could see some pretty significant delays on the east coast. 82 degrees in reno on saturday, comfortable conditions there up to 87 on sunday. the only thing you might have to worry about when it comes to traveling, especially if you're headed to into the south, i would say watch out for some fog as you get close heading through monterey. overall looking really good for your outdoor plans this weekend. we'll keep you updated and tell you what else is going on. right now, back to you, scott and peggy. >> one of the better forecasts in the country, thanks, christina. new video out of reno this morning. take a look at this. a time lapse video showing a wall of dust devouring downtown reno. look at the skyline just disappears in the dust. the hotel lights fade as the dust cloud rolls in. this lasted 20 minutes and the dust storm brought with it winds of 40 miles per hour. one of the first that the city
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had seen in more than six years. happening now, fire crews finally gaining control of that massive wildfire in northern california in the sedona area at slide rock park. the fire has been burning for the past three days and so far charred an area bigger than the city of san francisco and officials believe a person started that fire, but they haven't found that person yet. hundreds of businesses and homes have been evacuated. no reports of any injuries or even any structures burned. well, tennessee bringing back the electric chair after a nationwide shortage of lethal injection drugs for inmates. the state will only use the electric chair. the decision comes shortly after that botched execution in oklahoma last month when a man began rising and clenching his teeth just moments after he was given a dose of that new lethal injection combination. tennessee will be the first state to reintroduce the electric chair. a man accused of holding a
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woman against her will for ten years says the woman is making the story up. the suspect appeared in court yesterday. garcia said the 25-year-old woman heologe allegedly abducte saying it because they are breaking up. authorities also say he forced her to marry him and have his child. a new study reveals that the risks that come along with diabetes could be worse for women than they are for men. australian researchers looked at 50 years of data from more than 60 studies and found that women with diabetes are 44% more likely to develop coronary heart disease than diabetic men. it was consistent across all age groups and regions of the country. they have yet to figure out, though, exactly why. well, a remarkable bay area birth making headlines this morning. the family wanted you to know
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about it, as well. >> a woman who was in a coma for more than two months after she had surgery to remove a brain tumor gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday through a c-section. this is west nathaniel land. he weighed 5 pounds, 9 oupss. the mom is still in a semi-comatose state when she gave birth. >> i was just so happy to have a healthy baby and have a healthy son. a feeling of immense relief and immense joy and also immense sorrow for melissa not being awake for it. >> that baby spent the first few minutes on his mother's chest before being handed over to dad. the father hopes his wife will wake up one day to hold her baby. doctors have given him no guarantees on when or if his wife will recover. 4:51 right now. still ahead "today in the bay" the u.s. world cup team has revealed a tweet from the
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coach's son that is making the headlines. >> we'll show that to you coming up right after the break. looking at here's dublin and westbound 580 with all the flashing lights, including the road crews which are starting to clear as more folks are starting to crowd. we'll talk about your commute and the rest of the bay, coming up.
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severe weather across the midwest and the east coast is expected to continue through memorial day weekend.
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yesterday golf, even tennis ball-sized hail. dumped on parts of colorado to pennsylvania damaging cars and even cracking the windshield of a passenger plane midflight. fans watching the rockies at coors field were told to take shelter. the game postponed twice and eventually suspended in the sixth inning. they'll finish the game in september. now, the giants are back home as we take a live look at at&t park this morning. start a three-game series against the twins tonight. you can catch all that action, weather and tornado free right here on nbc bay area. coverage starts at 7:00. >> good news. many soccer fans were surprised to see landon donovan left off the world cup roster. the head coach's son thought it was pretty funny. >> after the roster came out jonathan tweeted, ha, ha, donovan.
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i didn't even notice until phone notified me. his entire twitter account was quickly deleted. donovan played in three world cups. the galaxy star had trouble with that guy's dad after taking several months off last year. meantime, the bay area's own is headed to brazil. the danville native was chosen as one of the team's four forwards. exciting news there. >> yes, it is. let's check in with mike and one more traffic. you have monday off, i'm hoping. >> i do have monday off because a lot of our commuters have monday off. i hope that is for you, as well. if not, then you're not. looking over here towards oakland, sympathy but i can't do much about it. i have no power. looking over here to the oakland area. moisture in the air and that will be an issue, perhaps we might have slick roadways and just watch for that. the map will show you the only issue of the east bay of concern is yet to completely clear. 980 at the transition ramp and a
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van reportedly blocking one lane and not a lot of slowing but more cars hitting the bridge and interstate 80 to 101. 101 is just fine and the closure along southbound 280 and we have been talking about that since 9:00 last night and extending through tuesday morning that portion between 6:00 and basically pennsylvania closed for retrofit work going on there. the rest of the bay moves nicely and shows you the light volume of traffic here, as well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. still ahead the common mani/pedi being built as a medical treatment. plus, tempers flare in salinis. community leaders what they're doing to try to ease this tension sparked after a police shooting.
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a south bay nail salon and spa accused in a massive
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insurance scam that bilked millions from insurance companies. how they allegedly use their system to their advantage, coming up next. a freeway closure that will impact memorial day weekend plans. and we'll talk about your reroutes there, as well as a crash in the east bay and also some other issues that christina has might affect your roads. >> a little saug out there. overcast in the south bay and want to show you san francisco. right now clear as it's going to be. that fog is settling in and we'll tell you when it will clear again and what's coming your way for memorial day weekend. those numbers in moments. and a live look outside, as well. this is friday, may 23rd and this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker, laura garcia-cannon is t